Training Camp Boys 1st - 5th Grade Try Camp Free

Training Camp is the perfect way for Jewish boys to get a true feel for life on the Hillside before attending as a camper.

We understand that young prospective campers can be apprehensive about attending camp for the first time. That’s why Camp Bauercrest offers a free one-day experience for prospective campers entering 1st through 5th grades with an optional overnight.

From living out of a bunk to eating in the Mess Hall to bonding with our counselors, and of course, participating in sports and electives, Training Camp packs more fun than you can imagine into 24 hours. Training Camp includes tours, so bring the whole family!

  • There are two chances for your boys to attend Training Camp 2024. July 14 - 15 and July 28 - 29.

  • The day begins at 8:30 am with a welcome session for all Training Campers and their families, after which campers move into their bunks for the day and night.

  • After moving in, campers jump right in to our programming, while parents get to ask questions and tour the camp with our directors. The parent portion of the day ends in the late morning.

Watch our Training Camp Videos

"My son had the time of his life. He made new friends, discovered new skills and was able to be himself."

- Jason, Camper Dad

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