Benefits of Going to A Jewish Camp

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At Bauercrest we encourage all campers to explore a wide range of activities from the top of the hill to the bottom! We spend time teaching our boys the value of athletics and teamwork. There is another very important part of our program that finds its way into everything we do, and that is our Jewish identity. We believe it is so important to help our campers and staff bring their Jewish identity into their personal Bauercrest experience.

Intentional Programming

We design our program specifically to help our campers experience their Jewish culture on a small and large scale. We want them to learn how their Jewish identity can be woven into their everyday life and the larger Jewish community around them. Every camper has their own walk within their Jewish identity and it is our goal to make the camp experience something they can relate back to no matter what stage of life they are in. We use our programs to highlight what makes the Jewish religion and larger culture so unique and how being a part of it in today’s world is one of the most special experiences.

Building Community

Being at camp is an experience away from the outside world. Campers and counselors live together for weeks and through this build a connection and community with one another. The influences of Jewish identity are everywhere from services to saying a quick prayer before meals. We allow our campers to learn from one another and adapt their Jewish culture to something specifically right for them on the hillside.

For a Lifetime

We also see that being a part of the Jewish community when campers are young increases their involvement in the community as they grow older. Children that are raised in the Jewish community are charitable when older especially towards Jewish agencies and Israel. Our campers participate in community projects during their summers on the hillside exposing them to the experience of giving back. No matter what we all have something to share with our community and we value that at Bauercrest.

Find out more about Jewish values at Camp Baurcrest.

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