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Bauercrest celebrates boys being boys, and this unique experience transforms them into lifelong friends, leaders, and men.

Camp Bauercrest is New England’s premier sleepaway summer camp for boys who like sports. Situated on a beautiful hillside overlooking the shores of Lake Attitash in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Bauercrest has been a summer home for generations of boys since 1931.

At Bauercrest, boys grow and mature in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment. Our nurturing staff imparts life lessons and Jewish values, both on and off the field, by encouraging campers to explore their independence and cultivate friendships while building character and self-esteem. All of this is done under the umbrella of our S.T.A.R. Principles:


Bauercrest Boys engage in friendly competition every day. Our athletic programs are built on a foundation of positivity, support, and respect.

Teen boys at Bauercrest embracing after competition
Campers having their traditional cookout


We believe that an emphasis on those who came before us… their experiences, wisdom, Jewish values, and legacies are important tools that help young men define their moral compass.


Bauercrest embraces a culture in which everyone takes responsibility for his own actions and understands the consequences of those decisions.

Group of older teens working on a project
Teen boys playing on field at camp


The ability to overcome fears and obstacles and emerge stronger is an important coping skill that allows boys to reach their full potential as they become young men.

Bauercrest offers endless opportunities. Learn more about our activities.

"There are so many reasons that I love sending my son to Bauercrest but what I love most is the camaraderie he experiences with all of the other boys."

- Lisa, Camper Mom

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Camper excited on soccer pitch


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