Creative Arts & Digital Media

Camp Bauercrest’s programming is not limited to athletics. We understand the importance of encouraging creativity in campers, and we do so with a variety of activities designed to inspire and tap into boys’ creative and artistic passions.

In addition to traditional creative arts programs, our Digital Media activities give campers hands-on experience that could spark interest in a career in broadcasting, photography, or journalism.

These Digital Media and Creative Arts programs are currently offered at Bauercrest:

  • Sports Broadcasting

  • Video Production

  • Journalism

  • Photography

  • Music Mixing

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Creative Skits & Performances

  • Pottery & Ceramics

  • Camper Cooking 101

  • DIY Science

  • Woodworking

Bauercrest Boys love sports, and we offer many choices.

"My son had the time of his life. He made new friends, discovered new skills and was able to be himself."

- Jason, Camper Dad

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