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For over 90 years Camp Bauercrest has been a place for campers to learn, grow, and develop into confident adults. The camp we love so well is made possible by the support of our wonderful community made up of alumni, family, and friends!

There are many ways to make an impact for campers today and your philanthropy is one of the best ways to make a difference. When you make a gift to Camp Bauercrest it makes an impact on each and every camper.  Thank you for making Camp Bauercrest part of your philanthropic consideration!


Donations to the 1931 Fund support Camp Bauercrest throughout the year and provide resources where they are needed most. The 1931 Fund makes it possible for Camp Bauercrest to continue to deliver excellent programming, retain the best staff each summer, and make physical improvements to the campus year-round.

Donations to the 1931 Fund are always allocated to the areas of greatest need. If you are looking for the best way to ensure Camp Bauercrest continues to strive forward.

  • Facilities Improvement
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Specialty Programs
  • Staff development
  • Trips and Travel adn so much more
Boys at dinner in the diing hall.
Two campers play a large version of connect four


Donations to the Scholarship Fund provide direct scholarships to campers and families so they can enjoy a summer on the hillside. For many campers, your gift to the Scholarship Fund can be the bridge between the dream of a summer on the Hillside and the reality of a summer on the Hillside.

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"The excitement on his face when he gets to go back to Bauercrest is everything I could ever hope for!"

- Mahla, Camper Mom

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Camper excited on soccer pitch


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