Emotional & Physical Safety

With our campers constantly on the move, sometimes the unexpected happens. From bumps and bruises to a bout with the flu, we are well-staffed and prepared to handle anything that may come our way.

  • Physical Health & Safety

    Bauercrest has a modern, air-conditioned Health Center, complete with exam room, 10-bed sick bay, and live-in accommodations for our nurses.

  • Two nurses are present during the day to help with any situations that arise and to answer medically-related questions from parents. The nurses are an integral part of our community. They join us at every meal to dispense medication and consult with campers regarding sickness or injury.

  • We have a relationship with an urgent care facility located 10 minutes from camp. If our nurses believe a camper needs more extensive care than we are able to provide, either a nurse or senior staff member will bring him there. 

  • Bauercrest is located only 15 minutes from Anna Jacques Hospital, so advanced medical attention is also close by if needed.

  • We conduct thorough background checks for all staff on camp, including Criminal Offender Record Information and Sex Offender Registry Information databases.

  • Staff members are continuously evaluated while at camp for strong performance

  • Staff members complete off-season and pre-camp training on a variety of topics, including First Aid/CPR/AED.

Emotional Health

Our campers’ mental and emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health. Bauercrest has taken a proactive approach in this area, expanding our ability to respond to a range of issues while creating a camp culture that is positive and supportive.

  • Safeguards we have instituted include:

    A strictly enforced no-bullying policy

  • Programming that reinforces values such as equity and inclusion

  • Staff training to identify emotional or behavioral issues

  • A culture that encourages campers to speak with a counselor whenever assistance is needed

  • Quiet spaces to escape to if needed

Bauercrest is very fortunate to have on our staff Mental Health Counselor Danny McLaughlin, who is here to address any emotional issues our campers may experience.

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"My son had the time of his life. He made new friends, discovered new skills and was able to be himself."

- Jason, Camper Dad

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