Bauercrest campers entering 10th grade participate in the Waiter program

Among the Waiters’ primary responsibilities are setting up the Mess Hall before each meal and cleaning up after one meal each day. The Waiter program is designed to prepare campers for future leadership roles at Bauercrest by emphasizing community service, responsibility, teamwork, and maturity.

Counselor Intern (CI) Program

The Counselor Intern program (11th grade) marks the final camper year at Bauercrest. Counselor Interns (CIs) help us fulfill our mission to ensure that every Bauercrest camper has a healthy and enjoyable summer, attains new skills, makes new friends, and gains physical and emotional strength at camp.

While the CIs are still campers, and families pay tuition for their attendance at camp, Bauercrest makes a considerable investment in building the leadership and service-oriented potential in these young men—both for the current summer and for seasons to come.

The Counselor Intern program includes an Israel trip, Lifeguard Certification Training, Focused Leadership Training, and Community Service.

Ready to get into the game?

"My son had the time of his life. He made new friends, discovered new skills and was able to be himself."

- Jason, Camper Dad

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