How Bauercrest Got My Son Into College

By Stacy Pollack | February 9, 2024 | Comments Off on How Bauercrest Got My Son Into College

One Sunday afternoon, when my son Max was four or five years old, we were sitting in front of the TV in our den during a Pats game when suddenly…

Camp Decisions: No Day At The Beach

By Stacy Pollack | January 9, 2023 | Comments Off on Camp Decisions: No Day At The Beach

Is My Son Ready For Overnight Camp? We get asked all the time about the right age to start overnight camp. Parents worry about kids being too young for all…

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Stacy Pollack

Stacy writes our popular Dear Camp Mom blog and works year-round to ensure that Bauercrest creates memorable experiences for parents and campers alike. She also creates photo montages inspired by songs most of our campers have never heard before but make the parents very nostalgic.

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