What to Expect in June

Hi Bauercrest families,

School might be winding down to a close, but with play-offs, proms, recitals, graduation parties, and more, it can feel like your iCal is on overload.  June is a month that tends to be wrought with emotion and transition.  It can be hard to navigate through it all, and even harder to imagine that it will ease up anytime soon.  But it will.  And because we were actually granted the do-over we deserved after last year’s winter, we’ve got a nice long chunk of time between school and camp.  The downtime can provide a good opportunity to reflect and reconnect.  And label and pack.  But for first-time campers, it can also provide an opportunity to worry about things they might never have worried about if they simply didn’t have the time.
Our oldest son decided on Memorial Day Weekend two years ago that he was ready to give overnight camp a try.  He instructed us to sign him up, then not talk about it again.  And he meant it.  Last year, in the months leading up to his first summer at camp, our little one talked about it incessantly.  He wanted to know everything; no detail was too inane.  Two completely different kids who, not surprisingly, coped with the unknown in two completely different ways.
During this countdown to camp, follow your son’s lead.  If he has questions, answer them as honestly as you can.  If you don’t know the answers, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Eric, or Joanna.  It is so important that your sons feel empowered to ask for help, so show them how it’s done!  If your son is not talking so much about camp, that’s okay, too.  I can assure you that he hasn’t forgotten he’s going; he’s just processing it in a way that feels comfortable to him.
Finally, you might find yourself in a situation where your son is fine but you’re not sure you are.  Please do not worry about being worried; it’s all part of this amazing, scary, beautiful ride.  But do let me know so we can talk about it.  After all, if these boys are having the times of their lives but you’re not sleeping at night, I’m not doing my job!
We’re here for you.  Not just while your son is at camp.  All year-round.  Shoot me an email anytime, or if you want to chat, let’s set up a time.
Enjoy this crazy month.  I look forward to seeing you all soon!
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Stacy Pollack

Stacy writes our popular Dear Camp Mom blog and works year-round to ensure that Bauercrest creates memorable experiences for parents and campers alike. She also creates photo montages inspired by songs most of our campers have never heard before but make the parents very nostalgic.

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