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When I was a camper, being a “Crestman” was about being a responsible kid in the bunk, a good sportsman on the fields, and a prideful member of both my Waiter year (2k13 forever!), as well as the Crest itself, both inside and outside of Amesbury, MA. Campers here truly grow up on the Hillside, and coming back to the homebase of brotherhood, friends, and fun that is camp is something that kids can count on year after year. When I looked forward to camp every year, it was for the people – whether they were staff, bunkmates, or the youngest incoming campers, it’s the community of the Crest that makes it what it is. Yeah, I looked forward to the competitive week of Color War and going on field trips and playing in tournaments, but being a Crestman to me was more about giving your all and investing yourself into even the smallest things – a card game with your friends, cheering the loudest for your Waiter year in the Mess Hall, learning how to sail.

As a staff member, there is so much you can do to have an impact on the summer, the kids, and on yourself. On staff, I realized that most of the “magic” that made my camper summers as incredible as they were was not magic at all. The real magic was the collective efforts of each and every staff member to help make the summer run smoothly and create an unforgettable experience for the campers. Being a “Crestman” as a staff member is taking advantage of every opportunity you have to make a small moment on the Hill magical for the kids, from a bunk to a camp-wide level. Everything from reffing a game of basketball to planning out a special event for the kids happens thanks to the guys in the staff shirts. Every staff member has the chance to invest their time, energy and effort into some of the magic that makes Bauercrest so special.

Having the opportunity to contribute to some of that magic as a staff member at Camp Bauercrest is truly an incredible experience, and it is one that helps you grow as an individual, no matter how old you are. At the Crest, you have a direct impact on the kids and can make a huge difference in their lives. Helping campers grow into intelligent, well-rounded, compassionate Crestmen is an experience like no other. For returning Crestmen, being on staff is a chance to give back the amazing summers you have had on the Hill and to create those summers for the future generation of campers. It’s a chance to give back to the place that has given so much to you, helped you to grow, mature, and discover who you are. On staff, you have this amazing opportunity to grow as an individual. What you can gain by being on staff at Bauercrest cannot be measured. You’re constantly developing skills in leadership,  communication, relationship-building, problem-solving and critical thinking. The Crest allows each and every person to step out of his comfort zone in a safe, embracing, and strongly bonded community of people who all want to help you learn and succeed. Taking on new challenges can be scary, but there is no safer place to do so than at Camp Bauercrest.

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Adam Dobbin

“Dobbin” is from Sharon, MA, and has been in the Bauercrest family since he was seven years old. He truly grew up on the Hillside, returning every summer to the brotherhood, friendships, and fun that define camp. After 11 unforgettable summers as a camper, Dobbin became a counselor. As our full-time Staff Development Coordinator, Dobbin supports all things staff-related, from recruiting to training to making sure our counselors are happy and thriving in their roles. To ensure that they have the best possible opportunities to succeed at camp and the skills necessary to create the “magic” of Bauercrest, Dobbin’s goal is to support the counselors in any way he can… not just at camp, but all year long. He is the go-to when the staff have questions, face challenges, or just need someone to talk to.

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