Why Your Son Should Attend Boys Summer Camp

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At Camp Bauercrest it is no accident that we are only for boys. We focus on single-gender for so many reasons that help our young boys grow into great people! There are of course pros and cons to single-sex camps and coed camps, and at Bauercrest we encourage all campers to be themselves.

Making Friends and Having Fun Trumps Appearances

There are so many benefits to an all-boys environment starting with appearance. Campers at Bauercrest are not left to worry about fashion, clothing, or impressing the opposite sex with their appearance instead they are left focused on building friendships and having fun. Our boys do not spend time concerned with having the most impressive outfit on. Instead, they wear what makes them feel comfortable and allows for self-expression.

The more questionable the fashion choice the better!

Self-Expression is Not Hindered

The benefits don’t just come in outward appearance, boys are able to behave however they choose at Bauercrest without the pressure of impressing the opposite sex. Campers feel more at ease when only surrounded by their own gender. The boys at Bauercrest can express themselves in any way that feels comfortable to them!

Participating In Many Activities is Encouraged

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We encourage all different kinds of activities from athletics to acting that allows our boys the chance to be whoever and whatever they want. The boys at Bauercrest are never worried about looking silly in front of girls when they cheer for one another, dance to Friday night songs in our mess hall, or rally around the flag pole late at night. An all-boys environment takes away any stigma that may be attached to such behaviors.

Confidence Building is Paramount

Confidence radiates out of the boys at Bauercrest! As the boys learn and develop they do so without second-guessing or comparing themselves to one another for the attention of girls. The environment is safer for taking second chances and making improvements as they go.   

Being Unique and Not Conforming is Learned

The benefits of all boys begin early on in a camper’s career. From the very first day on the hillside Bauercrest, boys learn they do not need to conform to any kind of stereotype. This is a life skill that will stay with them for the remainder of their lives. Growing up with the understanding that it is ok to be yourself is something the boys at Bauercrest know well and can be seen in so many of our alumni for generations.

Male Role Models are There to Guide

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Having a primary staff of all men gives our young boys an instant set of role models! We take great pride in the staff at Bauercrest, many of whom were campers on the hillside at one time or another. These men are the perfect example to our campers of what being a boy at Bauercrest is all about.

Campers see from day one what it looks like to be successful at Bauercrest and we institute many opportunities to showcase the staff! One favorite quote at Bauercrest is “nowhere else in the world can you have a best friend that is half your age!” We find so many examples of just this both during camp and in our off-season! Watching friendships last for a lifetime is so special to us!

Interactions with Girls are Healthy

Of course, there are many benefits to coed environments and we focus on healthy interactions with girls throughout our summer programs. During the summer at Bauercrest our boys enjoy pool parties for our younger campers and socials for our older campers. These events are highly anticipated and a great deal of fun for everyone!

Sportsmanship Teamwork Achievement and Responsibility

The all-boys camp model used at Bauercrest is so important to us. We use our STAR principles, Sportsmanship Teamwork Achievement and Responsibility, to guide our boys as they develop into true crestmen. We encourage all parents and campers to have a conversation about what kind of camp is right for you. There are so many benefits in camp that every camper and parent can benefit from!

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